Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

I have been neglecting my "Snapshot Saturday" postings. So, today I decided to finally upload all my pictures from October 2009-January 2010 onto my computer. When I did this, I realized, "man, I need to get better at taking more pictures." So, let's add that to another goal for 2010. Anyway, enjoy some pictures. Happy Saturday... despite the cold, the sun is shining in Indiana... YAY!

Before my brother left for bootcamp, he wanted to take a ski/snowboard trip. So, my mom took all of us kids, and some of his friends. The first day we skiied and the second we went tubing. It was a blast! Thanks, Mom!

Mr. Hoosier and I enjoying our first Christmas Day at his parents.

Bailey and me on Christmas morning!

Us on New Year's Eve! Here's to a wonderful 2010!
Until next time,
H :)

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  1. You are welcome daughter! I pray that you guys will always have time to come and hang out! Thank you for making the time! Love, love, love the pics. Yep, unitl next time...keep 'em coming