Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

So, my last post I talked about how surprising it was for me to enjoy my job, well, I spoke too soon.  It was about a week and a half of enjoyment, and then it all changed.  It is now back to the same old crap that makes me dread getting up and going to work.  I am not going to use this time to complain....

Instead, I have a job interview tomorrow!  :) I have an interview at a Fitness Club here in Indy for the Youth Programs Director.  It is not the job that I applied for at the YMCA, but a different club.  I am excited, but nervous at the same time.  I only know teaching, so we'll see how this goes.  

Not too much to say tonight....

Will post soon,
H :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life's Surprises

I have been SO busy lately that I haven't had a chance to write.  Although, I want to share some of the surprises life has given me lately...

Surprise #1 = My JOB

As many of you, that either know me or read my blog, know I haven't been looking forward to the school year.  In fact, I had been dreading it so much.  Prior to the school year, I was crying every night and begging my husband to let me resign.  Well, the resigning didn't happen, but something did.  I don't know what it is, BUT as of RIGHT NOW, I am enjoying teaching immensely.  The first couple of teacher work days, I would drive into school, no radio, just praying to God that He would show me what I need to do and be with me through the difficult time.  Well, He did, I now feel like I have the zest for teaching that I  used to have.  My students are wonderful, and it helps that my 5th graders I have been working with since they were in third grade.  I have already done some really neat activities, and am looking forward to what else this year has in store for me and my teaching career.  I know that when I get down and frustrated (bound to happen) I can look back on this blog and remember how I felt at the beginning of the year; maybe it will help with my frustrations.  The other thing that might be helping is that this year I FINALLY feel like I know what I am doing ALL the time as a Resource Teacher and always am prepared.  I never before felt ahead; instead I was always playing catch-up.  I hope this feeling continues; it feels good to look forward to going to work everyday!  I love watching my kiddos learn :)

Who knows if teaching if this is what I will do forever- I still am so interested in the health and wellness field.  I just know it was I AM supposed to be doing right now.  I will continue to pray that He will give me direction.

Surprise #2 = Go Cubs, Go, Go Cubs, Go

That's right, WRIGLEY FIELD.  This past weekend Mr. Hoosier and I headed to Chicago with my mom, brother, and sister.  It was a "Back to School Surprise" from my Mom, and what a great surprise it was!  We had a wonderful family weekend.  My family came down to stay with us Friday night and we had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed each other's company.  They hadn't been here since the wedding, so I was so excited to show them the house too!  Then, we woke Saturday morning and made the 3 hour drive to Chi-town.  Well, on the way up there Mr. Hoosier received a Speeding Ticket :( , but that wouldn't ruin our fun.  We finally made it to Chicago, checked into our hotel, and immediately took the train to Wrigley Field.  What a fabulous day!  It was Mr. Hoosier's first time at Wrigley and he enjoyed it, even though he is a Boston fan.  The Cubs won!!!!  We then headed to some shops and I bought a new Cubs shirt.  After that, we went to this place called "The Diner", which was a BLAST!  My brother and sister were able to get in and we had lunch, and sang karaoke.  Yes, there was karaoke at this place!  My sister sang, Mr. Hoosier sang, and later (after a few beers, of course) I sang as well!  We stayed there all night!  Finally, at about 3am Mr. Hoosier, my brother, and myself took the train back to the hotel.  My mom and sister had gone back at about 12:30.  Sunday was rough, but we walked around downtown and went up to the Sears Tower.  We got back home Sunday night at 10pm; it made for a rough and sleepy Monday morning, BUT well worth it!  Thank you, Mom for a wonderful weekend in Chicago.  I love my family and the time we spend together.  That was one of those weekends I will never forget.  And thank-you Mr. Hoosier for agreeing to making the trip!

Until next time....


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unexcused Absence

I have been gone for quite some time, two weeks almost, but with absolutely no excuse other than LIFE!

Last week was crazy busy with Group Exercise Training and birthdays.  Monday and Tuesday I trained all day long, and then went home on Wednesday to celebrate my cousin's 21st birthday.  I then came home Thursday, we celebrate my SIL's birthday on Friday, went to the DMB concert Saturday, and went back home Sunday for a family reunion and to celebrate my mom's birthday.

Now, we are in my last days before going back to work.  I go back to work on Thursday, as in two days from now, and the kids come on Monday.  I am dreading it, absolutely dreading it!  I had a scheduled interview for a different school district that was supposed to be yesterday, but they decided not to fill the position.  I received that phone call 15 minutes after hitting up Express and purchasing a new interview suit; oh well, I hope to wear it soon!  Now, I am just waiting on hearing from the YMCA for Youth and Family Life position and keeping my eyes and ears open for other jobs as well.  

With all that being said, I feel horrible and embarrassed.  I never thought I would be that teacher that dreaded going back to work.  I really thought I would be the "lifer" that would always love being in the classroom.  I loved, loved, loved my student teaching.  In fact, I was looking at pictures from that time and was trying to remember what it felt like to be that happy in the classroom.  I was able to be so creative and my kids learned so much.  I can't believe after only two years it has come to this.  I feel sorry for my students.  Let me also reiterate that it is not my students I am dreading; in fact, I am excited to see them.  It is everything else that comes along with it and all the new mandates I am certain we will have, and all the things I am unable to do.   AHHH!  Okay, I am done being negative, and will just continue to pray that something will come my way and God will lead me in the right direction.

My training for both another half marathon and my group exercise position is going great.  I have been quite tired from it because between the two I am working out for about 4 hours or more each day.  You would think with that I would have lost weight, but no.  I just eat more now because it makes me so hungry.  I have been running with a friend and it has made things SO much better!  I actually enjoy my long runs outside, AND I feel they are productive.  Friday, we ran 7 miles in 63:27; I am definitely pleased with that time.

It is a rainy, stormy, yucky day here in Indy today... blah!  In fact, Mr. Hoosier is supposed to have a presentation tonight, but they lost power at his branch.  Poor guy!  I am just going to curl up on the couch and finish Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult; great read and highly recommended.  

Today is also the 2 year wedding anniversary for our good friends, A and J, so Happy Anniversary to them.  They are such wonderful people, great friends, and Mr. Hoosier and I feel SO very blessed to have them in our lives.  We wish you many more years of love, laughs, happiness, and memories!!!

Until next time, which I hope is sooner than a week and a half....

:) H