Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One Week Later...

One week ago, my brother left for the Navy, and my mom received a letter today. It was definitely a sigh of relief. However, the letter (the portion he wrote) was very short and basic, it is so great to know he is there and doing well.

It has been a difficult transition for my family all around. I know it's hard on my mom not having him around and not being able to pick up the phone and make sure he is okay. As for me, I often lie in bed at night and just ponder about his day, his feelings, and if he is scared or sad. I know that is very "big sister-like" of me, but that is just how I am. Mr. Hoosier tells me not to worry, but it's in my nature.

I do, however, have comfort in knowing that my brother thrives in structured, disciplined atmospheres, hence my belief in the reason he joined the Navy. After baseball was out of his life, it was hard for him without the structure, the discipline, the feeling of accomplishment, and the presence of teammates. What better place to get these back in your life than a branch of the military?

Despite my worrying, and mostly wondering, I am so proud of him. I am sure I will state this many times until the day he graduates from bootcamp. Speaking of bootcamp, in the letter we received his graduation date; he will be graduating on March 19th. My birthday is March 22, and I couldn't ask for anything better to see my brother graduate from bootcamp for my 26th birthday. So, Mr. Hoosier, myself, and my family will be spending the weekend in Chicago seeing my brother graduate and enjoying some time with him before he enters A School. Until then, I have comfort in knowing he is going to come out a changed man, for the better. I am so proud of him and love him so much.

Well, I am off to write him his first letter.

Until next time,
H =)

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  1. Letters will make all the difference. I'm wishing your brother safety.