Monday, January 25, 2010

Running "Things" That Make Me Happy

I clearly write about random things in my blog.  After all isn't that what blogging is about; random thoughts?  Well, I don't just blog about random things, but I also read random blogs that vary from running, to design, to health, to my favorite radio station dj, to my idol (the founder of Girls on the Run), and mostly all things preppy, of course.  One blog I follow the Happy Runner  writes about all things running.  She is a true inspiration, and I even won a free running shirt on her blog- bonus!  Anyway today she posted ten things running related that made her happy, so I decided to copy.  What better things do I have to do right now then to do the same?  I could actually write my brother a letter, organize my third bedroom, or continue my goal to read more, but instead this is what I am doing... enjoy!

I've decided to list 10 running-related things that make me happy. So, here goes:
1.  Morning Runs- Yes, I am crazy and thoroughly enjoy morning runs; that is, when it isn't below freezing.  Whether its meeting my favorite running bud at the park at 5:30 to do our 4 mile pre-workday course, or heading out on the path by our house with Mr. Hoosier, morning runs ALWAYS get the day off to a great start!  Not to mention, when Mr. Hoosier and I do our morning runs, he usually cooks me two egg whites and one egg scrambled when we are finished.  
2.  My new, green running shorts- Mr. Hoosier got me these awesome, new kelly green nike running shorts for Christmas, and I love them.  They are like all my other running shorts (all Nike and the same style), just green!  
3. Race tee shirts- I am a huge nerd when it comes to race tee shirts; I always have to have one.  I don't even wear them half of the time, except for the long sleeve ones, but I always have to have one.  It is something about digging through my drawers and remember that certain race, that certain finish line, and that certain feeling.  However, I now have too many to fit in my tee shirt drawer so they are stacked else where.  Mr. Hoosier always asks me what I am going to do with them, and the answer is still uncertain.  Someday, I might make a quilt out of them.  Have you ever seen tee shirt quilts?  They are pretty cool; I think its a good idea.  But then, where would I put the darn quilt?  Until then, I will continue to LOVE my race tee shirts.
4.  My pink and white striped running socks- Between my favorite shorts and socks, my favorite running outfit may not coordinate, but I am okay with that.  After all, I have to be wearing something pink if I am running a race.  My pink socks are my favorite.  My mom bought them for me at the Indy Mini convention.  They are so comfortable, and of course PINK!
5.  My framed picture of my mom and I crossing the finish line at the 2009 Indy Mini-  Pretty self explanatory, my mom bought a picture of the two of us holding hands, crossing the finish line, and had it framed for me for Christmas.  It is pretty awesome;  it is in my "Girls on the Run Office", also known as the third bedroom.
6.  Finish lines in general- No matter if it is your PR, your worst time ever, you cross with an injury, or you are a spectator, finish lines are such a happy place.  You don't know ever runner's story, and that's it everyone has a different story and that is what makes finish lines so wonderful.  If you have crossed a finish line, you know that feeling; it's indescribable.
7. My running watch- Yes, it is pink and white, and no, it isn't a Garmin; it is just a cheap Target watch, but I love it.  It does exactly what I need it to, time my run and help me beat my time for a certain course I am running.  It is easy to use, and it has a light so I can see my time if I am finishing an early morning run.  Perfect for me.   
8.  Girls on the Run- Every single aspect of Girls on the Run; I just love it!  It is my absolute passion.  I never thought I could be so excited about something.  I can't even choose one thing about it that I love the most: I love crossing the finish line with my girls, I love watching the expressions on parents' faces, I love each and every practice, I love planning for the future of Hamilton County- I just LOVE GIRLS ON THE RUN!
9. Asics- I love Asics running shoes even after they're worn out and I wear them with jeans. 
10. Post Race Activities- Whether it is listening to a post-race band, driving home from a race and stopping to get coffee, stopping at the Farmer's Market with Mr. Hoosier to load up on some yummy post-race snacks (one of my favorite things to do), or taking a nap on the couch, activities after you complete a race are that much better!  Actually, the whole day is just fantastic
Bonus (because I can't choose which to take out): Logging my mileage- I love to log my mileage; it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  I especially like to log my times with my mileage so that I can beat my previous time even if it is just by 10 seconds.  

Well, that is my list.  How about YOU try your own!

Until Next Time,
H =)

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