Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bittersweet Farewell

My dear, younger brother:

I feel like it was just yesterday that the three of us piled in one bed on Christmas Eve in anticipation of what Santa would bring us, and today I said good-bye to you for what will be longest I ever go without hearing your voice or seeing your face. Although I am sad, I have never been so proud of you in all 20 years of your life!

I have told you this story a hundred times, and I am going to write it once again...

I remember the day you were born. Heck, I remember the day before you were born; it was October 4th, 1989. Mom, Dad, and I went to buy a new car in preparation for YOU! I was so excited about the pockets on the back of the seats. I remember that I told mom I couldn't wait to put books in the pockets so I could read to my new sibling; and that I did, all the time. Then, the next day, I got to miss school. Yes, Mom let me "skip" school in kindergarten so that I could be there to welcome you into this world. I remember sitting in the waiting room with Aunt Rita. Of course I remember what I was wearing; jeans, a white oshkosh sweater with a pink turtleneck underneath, and my hair in a pony tail. The nurse came out into the waiting room and told me I had a new baby brother. I was so excited to see you. I already had a picture drawn to tape hospital crib for everyone to see. When you came home from the hospital, I brought you for show and tell. I was such a proud big sister at the age of 5, and that is one thing that has never changed!

Life for us has gone so fast, but we have so many memories! It was so funny to watch you as a little boy fall asleep in your high chair while eating. I will never forget you going around and showing people the "squeeze". When I speed skated, you were always my biggest fan and would meet me after my races to give me a hug; you were so loving. I remember all the bike rides we used to take with mom when we were younger. First, you sitting in the seat attached to her bike. Then, you riding your own bike with Court in the baby seat. As you got older, we made memories playing various sports. I remember golfing with Dad at the par 3 course and the first time you ever beat me; I was so mad! Many memories were with baseball whether it be playing catch in the street, wiffle ball in the backyard, cheering you to to so many victories, or in the car going to and from various tournaments; watching you play ball brought so much joy to everyone.

As you grew into a young man, you became one of my very best friends. I treasure the late night talks we always had in the summer time by the pool, and even the instant messenger conversations we had while I was away at school. I loved when you and Court came to stay with me at Ball State for a week while I was taking summer school classes. But most of all, I love the trust and friendship we built beyond being just brother and sister; I know that relationship will continue as you enter this new chapter of your life.

Deciding to join the Navy, in my eyes, was the most mature and responsible decision you have ever made and I have never been more proud. I know that you will excel in this atmosphere. You are an intelligent, kind-hearted, and determined man. There are so many opportunities that await you and I am so excited to see where this all takes you. Just like I cheered you on when you were on that baseball field, I will continue to cheer you on as you take on this next challenge in your life.

This will be the longest I ever go without talking to you, and it will be awhile, if ever again that we live only two hours away from each other, but that's okay. I know that nothing will ever come between the strong bond we have created over the last 20 years. I am proud of you, I love you dearly, and I wish you the very best. In the next 9 weeks, when you are struggling to get through, or feeling really homesick, just remember I will be yelling, "Come on, Z, you can do it!"

My thoughts and prayers are with you throughout bootcamp, and forever! I can't wait to see you graduate!

Love always,

Your Big Sis

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  1. amazing writing again! I love you and absolutely love that you are the best daughter and sister ever! Love, Mom xxxooo