Thursday, July 2, 2009

6 Months Later

So, six months after my initial post and attempt to blog my wedding plan adventures, I am now a Mrs. I apologize for not continuing my blog throughout the wedding planning progress. Wedding plans got busy, I had to complete my two year teaching portfolio, and this blog was the last of my worries.

Although I didn't blog the wedding planning process I will post pictures when I receive them from my photographer.

I have decided to continue my blog based solely on my everyday life as a married woman! Married life, so far, has been fabulous and I am so very blessed to have the most loving husband.

Since the wedding...

Mr. Preppy Hoosier and I headed off to Puerta Vallarta for 7 days in paradise. My aunt gave us her time share as a wedding gift and it was fabulous! We relaxed A LOT, read, lounged by the pool, floated around the lazy river, swam with the dolphins, took an excursion to an uninhabited island, and took the bus into the city. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my husband.

We then returned to our cozy home in Indy and began the process of de-bachelorizing our home. Mister bought the house 2 years ago and as a bachelor, didn't do any decorating. Therefore, my summer off from school has been spent making the house "our home". It has been wonderful and is all coming together thanks to family and wonderful friends who spent last Saturday covering our walls in paint.

So far this is what has been done:
1. All the wedding gifts have been put away and placed in our home.
2. New furniture (sofa & loveseat, end table, & sofa table)
3. Trim and doors in main areas have been painted.
4. Neutral color in main areas is finished.
5. Accent wall in living room is finished.
6. Accent color in coves is finished.
7. One coat on one accent wall in the kitchen.

To be finished before I start school in the fall (that is the goal anyway):
1. Neutral color in hall way.
2. Accent walls both finished in kitchen.
3. Paint and trim in main bathroom.
4. Paint and trim in master bathroom.
5. Paint and trim in all bedrooms.
6. Find an order oversized ottoman for the sofa instead of a coffee table.

These are the BIG items I still want to finish; I am confident we will get it done. Of course there are little things like hanging pictures & art, buying accent decorations, etc, but I think all that is a process... all depends on when I find the perfect items.

I will keep you all updated on the process and life here in the Hoosier state!!! Hope everyone is well!!!!

Have a great Holiday weekend- the Mister and I are headed up North to spend some time with my family!!!

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