Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rainy Saturday- Random Thoughts

It is a rainy Saturday here in Indiana.  It had been hot all week, and now this.  I had all intentions on a run this morning, maybe a bike ride with my husband, and the pool today, but thanks to the rain I have found my butt right on the couch.  Mr. Hoosier has been so nice to hang a piece of art in the kitchen for me and put the blinds back up in the kitchen.  

Tonight, we are going over to a friend's to celebrate the birthday of one of Mr. Hoosier's fraternity brothers-  it should be a good time.  They also have a baby, so I am looking forward to getting my baby fix.

Yesterday, I bought a bicycle off of craigslist.  I have been wanting one for a long time and I finally got one.  I didn't want to spend too much money because I want to see how much I will actually ride, and if I continue to ride a lot I will buy a really nice one next summer.  After buying the bike I went for a nice ride yesterday.  I just rode in and out of the neighborhoods around our house- it was relaxing and a good cross training exercise for my running.  I really think i am going to enjoy it.  

I also was out shopping and came across an ottoman for our house.  I have been looking for one for a long time and just can't find the one I want.  We have dark brown couches and I don't want a dark brown ottoman- it would be too hard to try to match them.  So, I came across this one yesterday, bought it, packed it up in the jeep, carried it (by myself) into the house, and it didn't work.  It didn't look good at all!!!  So, back to ottoman searching I go.  

Last night Mr. Hoosier and I went out to get some chicken wings and a couple beers.  We had a fun time!    

We received our wedding pictures on Thursday- wow, they are wonderful!  I will be posting some soon!  Our photographer did such an incredible job.  He will also be putting together a coffee table book with our favorites.  I can't wait!

We also had our good friends A & J over for dinner Thursday night.  We finalized our plans for our camping trip in two weeks.  Yes, I am going camping; like real tent camping.  A & J, as well as my husband, are all giving me a hard time about camping.  They are very interested to see how I do camping.  They think I am too... what is the word, I am looking for? They probably think I am too PREPPY to go camping.  I don't know guys, what DO you think of me and camping???

Camping Memories:
 The truth is, I can camp.  I enjoy camping, just not for any longer than two days, so its a good think we are leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday morning.  As a young girl, I never camped.  I didn't like camping, my mom didn't like camping, so we never went camping.  My dad loves to camp.  Then, when my parents got a divorce, I had my first experience camping.  My dad would pack up the camping equipment and take the three of us camping.  There are such good memories of the four of us (my Dad, sister, and brother) camping.  It took me awhile to get used to it.  I remember my first trip: I was in the seventh grade and my dad was so pissed at me because I packed a whole entire suitcase for a weekend of CAMPING!!  I brought a hair dryer, curling iron (yes, a curling iron it was the 90's), and all the make-up I was allowed to wear at that time in my life.  I brought tons of clothes; I brought athletic shorts, tee shirts, and gym shoes, but I also took my cute Limited Too outfits for at night.  What did I think I was going to do on a campground with cute outfits for at night?  I have no clue!  We had many camping trips, just the four of us and I became better at camping.  Our camping trips were great memories for me.  

We eventually began taking camping trips with my dad's whole family; all of his siblings and all of my cousins.  We did this for many, many years.  We went to the same campground every year.  I remember playing truth or dare in the tent with my cousins; thank you for the embarrassing moments Ash.  It was the campground that I also had my first drink of beer; contrary to popular belief it wasn't purposeful and I hated it!  It was also camping that I broke my braces multiple times for trying to eat corn on the cob.  

As I entered high school, it wasn't "cool" to just hang out with your family.  My cousins were too "kiddie" for me, even though they are only 3-5 years younger than me, but then it was a big difference.  Might I add before I go on that they are now some of my best friends, we talk about every other day, and they were bridesmaids in my wedding.  Anyway, I began to bring my very best friend, since the 6th grade, E, with me camping.  We were both boy crazy and there was a teen dance at the campgrounds.  I then went back to bringing my cute clothes for at night to the campground.  We would walk up to the showers to get ready, make-up and all.  In the years of E coming camping with us, we got in trouble for sneaking out of the tent to meet up with some boys, sneaking alcohol, and we got our golf cart taken away for driving recklessly.  We continued this regimen every year throughout high school.  The last time we went camping was our Freshman year in college; that was the last time I have been camping.  

 The memories had at the campgrounds with just the four of us, the whole family, and my best friend are memories I will never forget.  Not to mention those trips have prepared me to "blow" everyone out of the water in two weeks when we go.  They aren't going to know what to do with my mad camping skills.  (I hope everyone is sensing the sarcasm there.)  

I will be sure to let you all know how the trip goes.... 

Although, they do want me to fish!  FISH?  I have NEVER been fishing, I don't really have the desire, but I might appease my husband.

Until next time......

Love, H

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