Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random, Unorganized Thoughts

- I went on a bike ride today; I love my bicycle!
- First day of training for group exercise; I am pumped to have my own class.
- Marathon Dilemma: thinking about running a full marathon here in Indy in November. Originally I had planned for my first one to be the Marine Corps in October 2010. My thinking behind it was that if I am going to train for and run 26.2 it better be an exciting one. Now, I am thinking about doing both because the girl I run with is running the full in November; I was only going to do the half in November. Decisions, decisions....
- Eat Clean Sloppy Joes and Eat Clean Sweet Potato Fries are on the menu for dinner tonight...mmmm
- Excited to camp this weekend :) I want to take my bike!
- Summer school ends Friday; not excited for regular school year to start.
- However, I am pumped for school shopping :) JCREW, GAP, EXPRESS, and POLO here I come! I already got a head start by picking up a couple shirts from Express last week; way cute, and on SALE!!!
- I love my husband!
- I am getting excited for football season! Nothing beats cheering on the COLTS on Sunday afternoons.
- I also like fall and bringing out my sweaters :)
- Chili makes me happy too; especially my husband's.
- Maybe I should change the name of my blog from Preppy Hoosier to FitnessFreak... seems as if that is all I talk about.... Thoughts???
- I really want a new full time job; one in health and wellness.
- I am really anxious for Mr. Hoosier and I to find a church and become involved; its been heavy on my mind.

Happy Tuesday!

:) H

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