Friday, January 16, 2009

Inaguaral Blog

There is a first time for everything...

Today is my first-ever snow day-- that is since I have been teaching. It is -10 degrees here in Indianapolis; the coldest it has been in 12 years. School was cancelled, not because the roads were bad, but because the buses wouldn't start. Days like these make me want to move south and long for the lovely Indiana summer days, but until then, I will sit in my warm house read, wedding plan, and play with my puppy.

So, this is my first every blog! I have been inspired by other bloggers such as thepreppywedding, magnoliasjulieps and lovelifeandlabs. I am not sure what it is, but I have enjoyed following their blogs and learning about life somewhere besides Indiana. Plus, I have decided that starting this blog will allow me to look back on my life, reflect, and maybe learn a few things about myself and others.

A little about me...

I am a 24 year old special education teacher. There are days when I love my job and other days I am ready for a new career. My passion is children, but I am more intrigued these days by childhood obesity than I am the world of education. I started a running program for 4th and 5th grade girls at my school this year and have loved it. I am thinking that down the road there might be a career change for me, but until then I will continue to do my thing as a teacher and enjoy the journey.

I am recently engaged; June 19, 2008. I am getting marred May 30, 2009. I can't wait to blog about my wedding planning; what I have already done and the decisions I still have to make. My fiance is my best friend and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. He is an investment executive. With that being said, he keeps me, known for my love for shopping and what my mom calls a "fashion queen", on a strict budget. I wouldn't say I am a fashion queen, but more so your typical preppy girl that loves her pink, pearls, turtlenecks, scarves and sundresses! Becauase of my "budget", I have found true love for TJ Maxx.

We have been together for a little over a year and were engaged after six months. There is truth to the saying, "when you know, you know!" We live in the suburbs of Indianapolis in a cute little house that my fiance bought prior to me. After the wedding, when I have my summer off, I will be knee deep in turning his bachelor pad into "Our Home". This will include new furniture, hardwood floors (if I am lucky) in our kitchen, and paint galore! It is going to look wonderful, with the help of my wonderful friend and bridesmaid who is also a designer!

I also have a new puppy that we just got for Christmas (a Christmas present, but she came home with us after Thanksgiving). Her name is Bailey and she is a black Labradoodle. She is absolutely adorable and the smartest (I am a bit biased) dog I have ever seen. She is named after the great IU Basketball player, Damon Bailey. My fiance and myself, although we did not attend IU, love IU basketball!!!

Besides IU basketball, I am also a huge CUBS fan (but the fiance loves the redsox), and I love, love, love the Indianapolis Colts and Notre Dame Football. I love running and working out. We enjoy running on the trail in our neighborhood and are training for yet another half marathon this Spring. I am very intested in health and nutrition, so I am sure you will read about some of that on this blog. I also like to read-- I love books by Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks (I am a romantic), and am starting the Twilight Series. I love Indiana Summers-- laying by the pool, weekends at the lake, grilling out and playing corn hole with friends, and taking walks to get ice cream (ice cream is one of my faves). I am in love with my family and friends. My family is abnormally (so I have been told) close, and my friends are indescribably awesome! I also love movies and traveling, even if it is just a short, spontaneous road trip.

As for the BIG day....

First of all I can't wait... It will indoubtedly be the best day of my life!!! I can't wait to marry my best friend and start our lives together as one. It is going to be so wonderful and I can't wait to have all of my favorite people there to share it with us!!!

So, here are some details and as I continue to blog I will keep you updated! We are getting married in Bloomington. Everyone asks, "Why Bloomington?" The truth is, there really is no reason besides we found this wonderful place and decided quickly, much like we did with each other, "that is it!" We are getting married at the Eagle Pointe golf resort. The ceremony will be on the 10th tee and the reception at the terrace. An all outdoor wedding!! Prayers for great weather are appreciated! The terrace does have a wooden onning in case of rain.

My colors are light pink & navy blue. The girls will be wearing pink tea lenghth, a-line dresses with princess seaming, a sweatheart neckline, and a navy blue sash... and of course PEARLS! I have yet to decide on the shoes. The guys will be wearing tan slacks, blue blazers with white shirts and a pink tie. The groom will be wearing a tan suit with a white shirt and pink tie. My dress, well that is a suprise... all I can say is it is VERY ME!!!

I have not yet picked out the flowers, that is our task for the weekend. We are not having a cake, but instead doing a cupcake tower. My fiance's Dad is a pastor and he is conducting our ceremony. My sister will be singing and a good friend will be playing the trumpet. We have seven attendants, three ushers, two flower girls, and a ring bearer. The wedding starts at 4:30 and the reception follows.

As for the reception, what a blast it will be! We have decided to have a buffet style dinner to create a more relaxed atmosphere, and so it won't take as long so we can get on to the dancing! We have the most fun friends and my fiance and I both LOVE to dance, so I am sure it will be a great time!

I think that takes care of the details we have nailed down so far. I will be sure to keep you updated! Any advice, ideas are greatly appreciated!

That is it for my first ever blog! I will learn to post pictures soon, but for now Enjoy!


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