Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Yes, I know, I haven't written anything with substance lately, nor have done any Snapshot Saturdays. I am boring, I know, but maybe that is just how this overdue winter has me feeling. In fact, that must be it. I am over this weather. I am tired of being indoors, I am tired of long pants that must be worn with closed toe shoes, thick sweaters, and my long, heavy coats. I am ready to be able to run outside, take my dog for a walk where she isn't filthy when it is over, be able to walk to grab dinner with my husband, and sit out on our deck. I am also ready to get up in the morning and NOT think, "what can I wear that will keep me warm all day," and my only options being thick sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE sweaters, but it is almost March, so I am over them. I am ready to wear no socks with my shoes, my light weight jackets to work (hey, I am okay with wearing a jacket still), and short sleeve shirts. So, my request is Spring, please GET HERE SOON!

Besides the weather, here are some more of my rambles:

- These girl scout cookies need to leave our house pronto. They are doing nothing positive for me! Nothing at all!!!

- I have done a horrible job of A) tracking my running on my little gadget on here and B) actually getting all of my miles in. 10 weeks until the mini marathon and I have to "kick it in gear" this week and hit all my training days!

- DAIRY is the DEVIL! (minus eggs and cheese they have been okay so far) So, I had to leave work at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. We had a pitch-in lunch and someone brought in some apple crisp. Well, for all of you that don't know me, any dessert with APPLES is my absolute favorite and especially when it is warm with some ice cream. So, I ate some with, I promise you, only a small spoon full of ice cream. Oh, well about 30 minutes later, I was in the library with my students when I had to dash to the restroom because I had such a pain in my stomach and all I could do was bend over. The pain continued and I couldn't even stand up straight. Little to say, I am 99% sure I can't have dairy. I haven't been able to drink milk or eat ice cream in large amounts for awhile now, but this was so small I didn't think it would have an effect. I am so sad... I LOVE ice cream. Mr. Hoosier and I love to walk to the little ice cream shop near our house in the summer =( For those of you that are non-dairy eaters, what do you eat for ice cream replacement??? As for the milk, I have tried soy, and YUCKKKK!

-ISTEP testing beings on Monday and I am ready to scream! For those of you that do not live in Indiana, ISTEP is our state-wide standardized tests that the students have to take. I feel so sorry for my poor kiddos- it bores me, can you imagine how they feel?

- I received yet another letter from my brother this week. He has been so great about writing me! My mom also received a call from him. He is doing wonderful! It has actually gone by so fast and in four weeks we will be watching him graduate! I am so excited to see where the Navy takes him and what it has in store for him. I am such a proud big sister!

- California Dreaming! That's right, Mr. Hoosier and I will be going to Carlsbad & San Diego, California for a week this summer! Mr. Hoosier's cousin is getting married out there and we are turning it into a week long vacation after the wedding festivities. Last night, we planned out the things we want to do and looked into the condo we want to rent. I can't wait!!! We plan on going to a Padres game (our goal is to visit every MLB stadium), visit the San Diego Zoo, take a trip to Southern California wine country (Temecula- this is going to be my favorite day, I just know it), take a whale watching trip on a sail boat, and do some hiking & kayaking. We also plan on spending some time at the beach, taking a trip to the farmer's market, and exploring the different restaurants of the town! I can't wait! I haven't been to California since I went with my mom in third grade. This is going to be a wonderful trip!

- What is a post from Mrs. Preppy Hoosier without talking about Girls on the Run? I have been very busy with preparing things for our 3/11 "Interest Meeting", meeting with a variety of people, and working with the attorney on our bylaws. It is difficult to do all this with a full-time job, but I absolutely LOVE it- I wish it was my full time job! We are having an interest meeting to recruit board members and coaches. I am also going into the third week of the season I am running at my school and loving it. I received 10 shoe scholarships this week, which was so exciting! This means that 10 of my girls are going to receive a pair of brand new New Balance shoes. New Balance is an official sponsor of GOTR. I am thinking I need to switch to New Balance as well. I am an Asics girl now, but if they NB supports GOTR, then I should support NB. Anyone run in New Balance? What are a good pair of shoes? Molly, I know you do!!!

Well, I am off to head the library to pick up another book, and go for a run when Mr. Hoosier gets home from work. Have a great weekend, friends!

Until next time,
H =)

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  1. H, I recommend sorbet. Trader Joe's makes a fabulous Double Rainbow mango-tangerine. I gave it up for Lent - that's how much I love it. You could also go to WF or Fresh Market; there are oodles of good sorbets. I also like Soy Delicious chocolate "ice cream."

    Milk -- definitely go with Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla almond milk.