Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snapshot... SUNDAY??

I tried to upload some pictures yesterday in honor of "Snapshot Saturday", but the internet was running slow and my patience level for that is negative ten. So, here is a picture in honor of my weekly "Snapshot Saturday". As I came home from the gym today (usual Sunday ritual) there was not a football game to turn on and watch, however, my husband turned on NASCAR (yuck, gag, choke). With that being said, I am nowcounting down the days until I can watch my cubbies. As you can see in the picture below, our house is divided; I love, love, love the Cubs and my husband loves the Red Sox. We have arguements over whose team is better, but we all know that titles prove that the Red Sox have more World Series titles. However, I believe that Wrigly Field is a MUCH BETTER ballpark than Fenway... at least the Cubs can win that battle. With all this being said, here is to the snow melting, warm weather, baseball, and sitting out on our deck... ahhh, its so close, but yet so far!

In other news, I finished my 3rd book of 2010; 17 more to go. North Carolina was absolutely FABULOUS and I have all intentions of posting about it this week; to be honest, I am still gathering and organizing all my thoughts. Other than that, Mr. Hoosier and I will enjoy a nice Valentine's dinner at one of our favorite Italian joints this evening, and better yet, we will both enjoy a day off due to President's day tomorrow.

Happy Heart Day, Friends!!!
Until next time,
H =)


  1. Have a fantastic day off! Teachers deserve it more than anyone, I think.

  2. "Hey Chicago what do you say...Cubs are going to win today?" Should we change the song to "Hey Chicago what do you say... Cubs are going to win this year."