Monday, February 15, 2010

It's the little things in life...

... that get me excited! So, I made a quick trip to Target this evening to pick up some ortega (Tacos for dinner at the Hoosier household tonight) and a snack for Girls on the Run tomorrow. As I was shopping around Target, I came to the hair accessories section, and came across these...

LOOK closely at the bottom right hand corner for the Girls on the Run logo.

That's right, I did buy barrettes just because on the corner they have the Girls on the Run logo. Goody is a national sponsor of Girls on the Run. I purchase Goody hair accessories always, but have never noticed the logo on the bottom. Now, not everything contained the logo, just select items. So, I decided to buy them. I thought, well, I can give them to my girls, OR put them in my own hair. Afterall, I do wear barrettes to keep my hair out of my face while running, and sometimes just because I enjoy feeling young again. Also, if you are asking yourself the question, "is this girl so obsessed with Girls on the Run she buys barrettes just for the logo on the bottom?" Your answer is, "YES, actually I am!"

Now, I just hope that some other lady is strolling around Target and wants to buy barrettes for her daughter, and she suddenly comes across these so she buys them. Then, she comes home and notices the GOTR logo and decides to Google it and finds out that we are starting in here in Hamilton County, and BAM the word begins to spread. Wishful thinking, at your finest, but hey, I can hope....


  1. Your hope will do great things. Faith moves mountains.

    My Bombeck quote has really transformed the way I think . . . for years, actually.

  2. We hope so too! Goody has placed our logo on over 18 million units, so I think the odds are in your favor! It was great to see you in Charlotte last week - keep up the great job!
    Liz Kunz
    Girls on the Run International

  3. I will happily spread the word. I can list you as one of my weekly favorites once you're ready. And I hope some day I get to be a coach!!

  4. A preppy Hoosier? NOOOOOO!!!!!!