Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Sunny Snapshot Saturday

That's right, it is FINALLY sunny in Indiana, and the snow is almost gone! I think Spring is really trying to come to stay. What better way to enjoy the sun this morning than with a 6 mile run on the Monon.

But before that, here is my snapshot Saturday....

Boy, oh boy do I ever miss these two! Just two more weeks and we wille watching my brother graduate from Bootcamp and spending the weekend with him in Chicago. I am so excited! I have the best siblings!!! (This picture was taken last year at my sister's birthday)

I know I look disgusting in this photo, but it's okay, I love the memory AND I love her! This picture was taken as my sister and I were driving to Georgia for spring break- safe, I know!!! Last year, we took a "sisters trip" to Georgia to visit my Aunt and cousins. We made it in the car together for 12 hours! It was a wonderful bonding experience. We planned on doing the same this year, but our dreams were shot when we found out we had different spring breaks (sad face).

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! After my run, maybe Mr. Hoosier and I will take Bailey for a walk and put some chicken on the grill... sounds like my kind of day!

Until next time,
H =)


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog so I could find you!!! I am SO jealous you live in Indianapolis because as you will notice from my blog I am seriously in love with Peyton Manning! haha!!

  2. I love the snapshots and your blog! Thanks for taking the time to write it Hollie. Love, Mom XXO