Monday, March 15, 2010

Book #5- Check

Hooray!!! I completed book #5 last night, however, I am paying for it today. Yes, I stayed up past 1am to finish book #5; it was an excellent read. I read Jodi Picoult's Harvesting the Heart. Jodi is one of my favorite authors and she often times writes about very controversial topics that "hover the line". However, this book was perfect- now probably second behind My Sister's Keeper.

Now, I am on to book #6 of my 20 for the year 2010. I am thinking I will definitely surpass 20 for the year, especially with my relaxing Spring Break in Florida just two weeks away. So, I now have 3 books sitting on my kitchen table, and can't decide which to open up first. All of my three books are reccommendations from blogging friends or facebook friends, so thanks, friends!

Well, I am off, to read one of the three books. Mondays are my rest day from workouts... ahhh!!!

Until next time,
H =)

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