Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Weekend in Chicago

I just love Chicago! This past weekend, Mr. Hoosier and I spent the weekend in Chicago. We had a fabulous time. We were able to watch the Cubs beat the Reds 3-0, I saw Ed from Jillian's season of the Bachelorette, indulge in a lot of delicious food, watch the fireworks from the rooftop, and most importantly spend quality time with my dear friend, Christina.

Here are the some highlights from the weekend...
Mr. Hoosier and I after a W!!!

For those Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, here is Ed from Jillian's season. Yes, I ran into him at Wrigley Field, and clearly didn't feel ashamed to stop and ask for a picture!

We spent all Sunday afternoon at the beach!!

The fourth of July marks only 4 more weeks until I return to work with my students! It has been a great summer, but boy has it gone fast! As for the rest of the summer, boy oh boy it is going to be busy. This week, I am going back home to attend the Zack Brown Band Concert with my family. My brother is on leave from the the Navy right now so it will be great to see him. This weekend, we will also be going home so that Mr. Hoosier can see him before he leaves for Norfolk. Then, next week, on Friday, we leave for California. In between all of this, I need to get into school and begin setting up my new classroom.

Until next time,

H =)

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  1. It was a nice weekend in the Chicago area for the 4th.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.