Thursday, June 17, 2010

Less Running... More Blogging?

Well, today was a BAD day for Mrs. Preppy Hoosier! Today I was given some horrible news... NO RUNNING OR ANYTHING HIGH IMPACT FOR THREE WEEKS! Yes, you read that right. Now for most people, that wouldn't be a big deal, but to me I think I might go crazy... literally.

I am only in week four of my marathon training and this has already happened, and furious is an understatement. It isn't just about the marathon because I know that if I am smart and treat this injury correctly, then I will be up and running (literally) in time to continue my training without much loss. However, this is more about my mental state as running to me is the most important activity of my day. I just can't explain the feeling I get from running. I am sure all you runners out there completely "get me". Running is my sanctuary; it is my time to clear my mind and enjoy the outdoors. It is truly the only time of the day that I can completely shut my mind off; sometimes I can't even do that while sleeping.

So, here is my story...
I have a stress fracture in my left tibia. I have been having shin splints for quite some time and have tried to ice and stretch. I figured this just comes along with upping your mileage and also caused from the high impact and all the jumping in the group exercise class I teach. I thought they would eventually get better. However, my husband suggested that I just get them checked out and see if there is anything else I could do before I get too far into my marathon training. So, I finally agreed, which is huge because I am stubborn and had a feeling they would tell me I needed to cut back my mileage which I wouldn't like. So, today I ventured to the doctor to find out I have a stress fracture in one leg and bad shin splints in the other. I am not able to run or teach my classes for 3 weeks; at that time, I will return and hopefully be healed! So here goes my attempt at cycling (maybe that bike I bought last year will get use) and the elliptical. In turn, I am sure I will blog more while I am icing for 25 minutes two times per day. By the way, I am icing now... brr....

Well, friends I hope you will bear with me as I go through this time. No running usually equals grouchy preppy Hoosier, but I am determined to not let this get to me. Well, determined after today is over as I have had several mental breakdowns. Words of encouragement are welcome!

Until next time,

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