Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Adventures

Well, it has been forever since I have updated my blog.  However, I have tried to post wedding pictures, house pictures, etc., but my computer is horrible and it takes too long.  So, I give up and am not going to try anymore until I get a new computer.

So, this is my life...

I didn't get the job at the Healthplex that I was interviewing for.  They called me back to ask me what I needed as a salary and I am certain what I said was too much.  When I told the girl on the phone there was a long pause.  However, this is okay.  I am on to bigger and better things...

Which leads me to my NEW ADVENTURE.  I am starting an independent council of Girls on the Run in Hamilton County.  I am so excited!  This has been my dream for over a year and I cannot believe it is finally happening.  I am working on the final stages of the application and it is due on December 1st.  If we don't meet that deadline then the next one is February 2nd.  I am very confident about this endeavor.  I believe this program will take off in Hamilton County.  I know it will be a lot of work and consume most of my life for awhile, but that is okay.

If you have never heard or don't know much about Girls on the Run, check it out at

Other than that, Mr. and Mrs. Preppy Hoosier have been enjoying the joys of Fall in Indiana- rooting on our favorite football teams, enjoying nightly fires at our home, and thoroughly loving married life.  We recently had my mom and cousin down for the weekend and had a blast.  I love when my family comes to visit :)

Other than that,  we are looking forward to spending the holidays together as husband and wife.  We will be traveling to Bloomington on Thanksgiving Day and then to New Haven for the rest of the weekend.  It will be so great to enjoy some time with our family.

Teaching is going well , but I think it is because I can see an end.  I am enjoying my kiddos and coaching Girls on the Run at my school.  We are preparing for our 5k on December 12th; the girls are excited, and so am I.  

Hope you are all enjoying life and this beautiful fall weather.

Until next time...

H :)

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