Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life Updates

Wow, has it been forever since I have posted; in fact since August 23. Since then, we have been so busy and out of town a lot.

We spent the weekend of August 28 in Northern Michigan to celebrate Mrs. Mangotreepaper's wedding. It was such a gorgeous wedding. She was married on beach of Lake Michigan with a Lighthouse in the background. It was unseasonably chilly, but people brought blankets for the ceremony and were just fine. The reception was awesome and she did a great job decorating. She married an Australian and Mr. Hoosier and I had a wonderful time chatting and making new friends with the Aussies. Thank you for a wonderful time Mrs. Mangotreepaper! We wish you and Mr. Aussie years of happiness.

While we were up there Mr. Hoosier and I were able to stay at the cutest Scottish Bed & Breakfast. He studied abroad in Scotland, so this was very cool for him. It was very quaint, and provided us for such a wonderful stay.
Last weekend, Labor Day weekend, we made the hike south to Louisville to hit up 4th Street Live with some friends. We celebrated a good friends birthday with a weekend of great festivities. Friday night we arrived, ordered pizza and then headed out to some galleries for a wine tasting event. Saturday morning we woke up, played golf, and then hit up BW's for some wings and college football. Then, Saturday night we had a nice dinner and went to 4th Street Live, which was so fun! That was my first time there; Mr. Hoosier had his bachelor party there. It was so much fun! However, once we got home Sunday I was ready to relax.
I have enjoyed all the small road trips Mr. Hoosier and I have made lately. We have many memories with such great friends. We are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with such wonderful friends. Though, it will surely be nice to stay home the next couple of weekends, enjoy some time together, and the beginning of our favorite season: football season!

Which brings me to a few things...

Go Notre Dame- They looked good Saturday. I hope Jimmie and Charlie can get it together for a good season.
Believe in Blue- I am nervous about a Colts Season without Dungy, but I am still confident in my team, and know they will be just fine.

Fantasy Football- Yes, I am doing it; first time ever. I think I drafted a decent team. Preppy Hoosier might dominate and show-up all of the guys. I will keep you updated.
As for the job world... second interview for the Youth Programs Director position at a local Health Club. I am nervous and excited, but I know what is meant to be will happen.
I am supposed to be training for my next mini marathon in November, but it hasn't been going so hot. I manage to get all my short runs in and my intervals, but never my long runs. I really need to work on that. Hopefully being home on the weekends will help me get better at that.
Well, that's the gist of life for now...

Until next time....

H :)

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  1. Awww! Thanks for featuring my wedding on your blog! I'm so glad you guys were there! How are you!?!