Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snapshot Saturday


Happy Saturday, friends!  And happy Christmas break to me!!!  Yes, yes, yes that is right, I am off of work for two weeks and couldn't be more happy about it!  I plan on enjoying my break with workouts, movies, books, and Girls on the Run beginnings. 

 I am off today to complete all my Christmas shopping; a stop at Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, Homegoods, and Chord Camera to print off a few more pictures and I am finished.  This year Christmas shopping has been easy since we have wedding pictures to give as gifts, but I am not sure what I will do next year!  Tonight, Mr. Hoosier and I have a Christmas party at my principal's house; we are excited! 

Well, now for the real reason of this post... here are my photos for Snapshot Saturday... Enjoy!

Mr. Hoosier and I, last year enjoying dinner downtown at Palamino.  We were celebrating our one year dating anniversary!

This pictures is in lieu of our WONDERFUL INDIANAPOLIS COLTS being 14-0!!! BELIEVE IN BLUE.. WE DO!!!  
This pictures is me and Mr. Hoosier at the game last December!  We love our Colts!!!!

Well, friends, have a wonderful Saturday!  

H :)

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